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Hi, I am Dan, Acetech Digital’s PakistanBorn Co-founder. I am a direct response marketer and copywriter, if we are trying to be formal here.

I don’t know who sent you here…

But it’s no fluke. Your presence was overdue, like a delayed flight finally touching down.

And whoever sent you here, merits a prize.

Thomas Edison said,
"Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration."

I was sitting in my bathroom, contemplating world domination like a chess master… when the wisdom struck my mind.

I promptly called my uncle in the US and that’s where it all started… from a bathroom.

Just like any ordinary entrepreneur, I was overly optimistic… Little did I know that it will turn into walking naked in Antarctica with mouth full of Carolina Reapers.

That’s when I had my leap of faith moment…

I started experimenting with direct response copywriting and marketing… and my biggest breakthroughs started to happen.

Being in Pakistan, came with many challenges. But John Locke said, “every challenge is an opportunity in disguise.”

So, I assembled a group of brilliantly eccentric designers, animators, developers, fellow marketers, and software engineers.

And now here I am, helping my clients to devour their competition alive.


We prepare you for digital domination as we craft a tailored suite of services that sharpen your brand's competitive edge


This page is not about me… it is about YOU.

It would be silly to tempt you into indulging in shiny object syndrome…


You are not here to read a mainstream boring motivational story, where the protagonist has to go through huge challenges…

And he comes out as a winner.

Rather we want to hear from you…


When you pray for the rain, you have to deal with the mud. Get ready to deal with the torrential downpour of customers

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